The Quirk Thing: A Stage for the Unconventional

Talent show with a twist.
You don’t need to put on a “show” for us.
We want to experience the real & raw & unique.

Come and share your expressions, passions, stories… the things that make you… YOU.

Things like: improv melodic gibberish, vulnerable poetry written from amidst a hurricane, free-style rap in Chinese, avant-garde Ukulele songs, or spontaneous stories bringing us to tears.

From the audience or on the stage, it’s about inspiration, connection, and discovering a new kind of brave.

A place with a warm, welcoming vibe, where you are free to be fully alive and we all want to see each other thrive.

We hope this experience is a fun release, and perhaps to find a sense of peace.

Give it a whirl, and see what could be!

All are welcome to participate in the way that feels best to you! Supporting others is also super duper important, so feel free to just soak in the atmosphere from the audience.

If you’d like to share on stage, the sign-up is open mic style. Before the show, just put your name down and then you’ll have up to 4 minutes to share.

The Quirk Thing FINALE in NYC: Thursday, December 22nd

More details + RSVP on your favorite digital platform:

Yay!! See you soon!

Christina + Stef with an F