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Living Quirky is a philosophy + community unified by a commitment to respect and accept ALL of who we are. We’re all coming from different perspectives and headed on different paths. Instead of having to reject certain parts so as to fit into some pre-existing box, we encourage embracing individuality even MORE. Opening doors of possibility and unconventional alternatives to living life.
Our core values include: kindness, vulnerability, joy, imagination, courage, appreciation, and love.

We offer free Quirk-Juice letters as a resource of inspiration. We LOVE sharing multiple perspectives, and all of the infinitely unique possible ways of being!

The Quirk-Juice letters are more than your average blog post articles. If you can imagine your idea on a typical “how to” self-help website, then you will have to re-think your pitch. Think differently!

Our guest contributors have their own individual voices, and we encourage them to express their deepest truths. We’re looking for unique perspectives and stories, bursting with personal insight and wit.

Our readers look for something raw & real every time they open a digital Quirk-Juice letter. The expressions which draw the reader in as if they are peeking into your heart & soul. The best ideas are the kind that will make a reader go to their best friend and say, “You NEED to see this, it’s really inspirational/funny/gut-wrenching/creative/surprising!”

Do you have something to share?? We’d LOVE to hear from you!

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